Robots: The Awakening

Army robot factory [Location Unknown]

After years of experiments, the army has succeeded in developing an energy cell capable of bringing robots to life for military use.

When the final test was performed, the energy levels of the reactor containing the cell were very high, causing a large radioactive explosion, which caused the robots to come to life, but not in the way that was expected. When all the robots in the factory woke up, they turned against their creators.

The robots pose a great threat to humanity and must be destroyed, as well as everything related to the failed experiment.

Published in, it is available for PC (Windows). Made with Unreal Engine 4. Available in English, Spanish, French and German.


Robot: The awakening is my first solo project and it’s been developed in 2 months. I worked for this project as a Game Designer, Level Designer and Programmer. My tasks included:

  • Documentation

  • Level blockout

  • Design of level prototype

  • Level construction and decoration

  • Scripting (Blueprint System)

  • Cinematics

  • Music implementation

  • Translations