Carlos Pérez Sánchez

Game Designer & Computer Scientist 

I was born in Jaén, Spain. Since I was very young I started to be interested in technology, especially in videogames.

When I played with my computer, I imagined what it would be like to create those wonderful digital worlds that I had so much fun with. Each detail that I observed had a reason and that made my curiosity grow. I used to imagine how developers of those games could anticipate my thoughts, predicting what my next moves inside the game would be, even before my going to the store to purchase them.

Encouraged by curiosity, I studied Computer Science at the University of Jaén. I got a degree in Computer Science – being one of the ten best academic records of the promotion –and finally, I studied Videogame Design and Development Master Degree at Complutense University of Madrid, making that curiosity I had had since I was very young a reality.

Throughout Videogame Design Master Degree, I was able to discover this exciting world, being lucky to collaborate with people from different profiles within this sector (artist, musicians, programmers, marketing staff, producers…), as well as to work with fellow designers from whom I have learnt and known different perspectives that each of them has contributed me.

To continue expanding my knowledge and to be able to learn more about everything that encompasses this world are several of my objectives, in order to be able to develop videogames that people can enjoy with as I did as a child and as I still do now.


2019  - 2020

Broken Frame

Game Designer

Developing Hell of Fame. The tasks I perform on the project include:


2020- 2021

University of Jaén

Master's Degree in Teaching

2019  - 2020

Complutense University of Madrid 

Videogames Design and Development Master Degree 

2017  - 2018

Uniwersytet im. Adama Mickiewicza w Poznaniu

Engineering Degree, Computer Engineering. Erasmus in Poznań, Poland.  

2015  - 2019

University of Jaén

Engineering Degree, Computer Engineering. One of the ten best academic records of the promotion