Hell of Fame

Hell of Fame is a isometric camera action game in which we handle William Von Famous, a celebrity who constantly suffers the weight of fame in Famewood, a city where all its citizen are crazy about him. Our goal is take him safely to different parts of the city while avoiding the hordes of fans who will try to capture him on the hunt of a selfie or a formal wedding request (or more explicit requests).

Inspired by games like Overcooked or Untitled Goose Game and parodying Left 4 Dead 2 and other zombie and survivals classic games, Hell of Fame is a casual and humorous action game where the most important thing is to make right decisions as soon as possible and, above all, never stay still.

William will have different skills to get rid of his fans and move around the city. He will be able to make selfies, push fans and even throw his clothes until he is in his underwear.

Developed by Broken Frame for PC and PlayStation 4, it was presented at the PlayStation Talents 2020 Awards. Made with Unreal Engine 4.

PlayStation Talents

Hell of Fame was presented to the VII Playstation Talents Awards in 2020, winning the Most Innovative Game Award.


Hell of Fame is my most ambitious project. I worked for this project as a Game Designer. My tasks included:

  • Documentation

  • Active involvement in game design brainstorms.

  • Level blockout

  • Design of level prototypes

  • Level construction and decoration

  • Scripting (Blueprint System)

  • Cinematics

  • Music implementation