The Lightkeeper

The Lightkeeper is an interactive first-person exploration simulator where you will delve into the most unfathomable mysteries of mankind without neglecting your main mission: to keep the lighthouse of the Sinnigan Islands alight, come what may.

  • Mix of gameplay and narrative: The game maintains a balance between puzzle solving and narrative weight through the discovery of notes and newspapers that advance the story.

  • Complete exploration of an island: You have complete freedom to explore every corner of the island without limitations. You can also return again and again to revisit corners that have caught your attention.

  • Spectacular environment: The scenery on the island is breathtakingly spectacular and is one of the strong points from a photographic point of view.

  • Exploratory research: You will find valuable objects and can examine them for clues:

    • Investigate Harry, the former lighthouse keeper, to understand what has happened to him.

    • At the same time, he investigates the events that have taken place on the island since time immemorial, leading to a series of unsolved mysteries.

Year 1965. A young Englishman decides to take a job as a lighthouse keeper on remote islands in the north of Scotland. When he accepts the conditions of the job to escape from his own reality, he has no idea of the delirious adventure he is about to begin.

When he arrives on the island not a soul greets him and a powerful loneliness grips him. Where is the previous lighthouse keeper? Why hasn't he taken over from him?

The halo of mystery and legends that envelop these islands are responsible for sowing enough breeding ground in the mind of the protagonist to doubt what is real or imagined. Through puzzles, enigma solving and a dizzying investigation that takes him around every corner of the island, the young man realises that what is hidden in its entrails is something much more disturbing and unsettling than he can assume.

Delusion, fantasy or reality? Only you can find out.

Made with Unreal Engine 4.


I worked for this project as a Game Designer. My tasks included:

  • Documentation

  • Active involvement in game design brainstorms.

  • Level blockout

  • Design of level prototypes

  • Level construction and decoration

  • Scripting (Blueprint System)

  • Cinematics

  • Music implementation